That’s What She Said – Spring Break Trip

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Guest Post from fellow That’s What She Said fan, Ewelina Suchowolec

Spring break is here and 10-hour road trips are almost unavoidable to get away from studious college towns. What do 20 year olds do when trapped in a car for an extended period of time? They start an unintentional “That’s what she said” match. Here are some  lines that I got from my car ride:

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And now for the That’s What She Said jokes:

“Why is he taking so long?” – when waiting on my buddy to come back from a gas station’s restroom

“Where does this go?” – my friend asks when trying to figure out where to put his golf club

“Stick it back in!” – when my friend unplugged the power cord from my laptop

“Wow, I am stuffed!” – after my girlfriend had a Subway footlong

It’s so sticky, it’s all over my face! ” – after a warm can of pop exploded in my friend’s face

We’re going to have to make this fast! ” – when girls said that we needed to stop and get some snacks.

I can hardly wait!” – showing excitement for showing off our sexy beer belly bodies on a beach.

It’s so tight! ” – my friend complaining about the lack of room in a back seat – “suck it up cupcake!” TWSS 

“Go a little bit faster!” – my friend with 3 DUI’s going below the speed limit to avoid jail time.


Have a safe Spring Break, remember what comes up must come down…That’s What She Said

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