Thats What She Said – Strange Coincident

Thats What She Said – Strange Coincident

Hello friends and fans of the That’s What She Said Button. Today the season finale of the ‘The Office’ will air at 8 pm eastern. I finally caught up to the end of season nine last week and would like to share a very strange coincident with our favorite show, ‘The Office”. However, I should also warn you that this is a spoiler alert if you have not caught up to the beginning of season nine. If that means you, stop and visit some of our other blog posts.

By season 8, Ryan is “in love” with Kelly and wants to get her back for good(or for awhile). Kelly has for the most part moved on and is dating a very nice looking doctor. Season 8 wraps up with Ryan completely desperate for her. Cut to the beginning of season 9. Kelly and Ryan are absent from the show with a very very interesting explanation. According to Wikipedia, “ In the Season 9 premiere, Toby Flenderson says that after Kelly got engaged to Dr. Ravi and moved to Miami (Ohio), Ryan suddenly resigned and decided to pursue IT prospects in the “Silicon Prairie” of southwestern Ohio.”

The creators of the That’s What She Said Button are from Miami of Ohio University(love and honor friends). And two main characters from the show that inspired us to create the That’s What She Said Button move to the University that we attended and our offices are located. How strange is that? I was completely shocked to find out about this strange coincident! Perhaps this is a positive sign for our company.

Well, friends, I am off to go watch the highly anticipated series finale of ‘The Office’ . Let’s hope that we get one more epic, That’s What She Said joke! And don’t forget about the “Silicon Prairie”!

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