That’s What She Said – “Workaholics” Office Cubicle


That’s What She Said – “Workaholics” Office Cubicle

One of my favorite shows besides “The Office”, is Comedy Central’s Workaholics. Both shows follow it’s stars around a fictional office space spewing off tons of dirty office humor. The “Office” is exactly what inspired us to create the That’s What She Said Button and despite being a bit raunchier, “Workaholics” follows in lock step, with it’s hilarious potty mouth office humor. While I was watching, “Workaholics” a few evenings ago, I noticed that they placed a lot of different cubicle toys around their office cubicle. Then I started to think, “How cool would it be, if we could get Adam, Blake, and Anders to place a That’s What She Said Button somewhere on their desk?”

So I am calling all friends, colleagues , and esteemed guests to help us reach out to the hilarious trio of ”Workaholics”.

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